Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sorry For Party Rockin'

Opening: Far East Movement! Like a G6! & ended with Rocketeer.

I just got back from LMFAO's concert at Amway Center, Downtown Orlando. It was a SUPER crazy concert, seriously! LMFAO and the Party Rock People/Crew always had surprises as they were on stage. They also had so much props as part of their stage act. I've seen so many concerts in the past, but I think so far LMFAO has the best stage act in a concert. LMFAO and the Party Rock Crew really brought their colors on stage! It was a really fun night, a fun concert.

The best part was toward the end of the concert. First, they were singing "Shots" and they literary took couple of alcohol shots when they were on stage. Besides shots, they also had some beers and its just seems that they just drank so much on stage. And then, that act lead them to pretend as if they were dead and there were two nurses who came and carried them as they got "wasted". As they were off the stage, the screen played part of their music video, Party Rock Anthem, when they woke up at a hospital. And then... They were on stage again singing the PARTY ROCK ANTHEM! Seriously, it was so unbelievable, I just couldn't describe how much I was surprised by their stage act.

But.. hey more surprises toward the end, end of the concert! They were singing the part.. "I'm Sexy and I know It", they took their clothes off... just left the undies only. It was crazy super so surprising  I can't describe anymore. Hahaha. And yes, last part of the concert, they had more surprises with Champagne Showers! They showered people in front with Champagne and with a lot of party poppers!
I also like how they got off the stage. They got into a box thing which there was a screen in front of it. And the crew got in there, and there were a Rocket taking off. Some kind of showing that the party rock crew took off the stage. Not just the colors that they brought to Amway, they literary made the whole crowd dance and had fun! I felt like I'm partying at Amway. Haha. Oh and one more thing, the crowd was really extreme, in term of fashion. They dressed up like they were ready party and they dressed up like Redfoo! They wore Neons and Animal Prints. I wish, I did wear my Neons!!! :(

Anyways, it was an awesome concert. Oh and there was Far East Movement too! They were the opening! Thanks LMFAO and Party Rock Crew for the night.



Friday, June 22, 2012

Throw Back.... Friday?

Today is my Cece's big day in Melbourne. Wedding day with Ka Riza!! I saw her photo on Facebook wearing a very pretty wedding gown that Ka Eka posted just a while ago. They are having two wedding celebrations, one in Melbourne, the other one in Jakarta later in November. Which is one of the reason why I am going back late Oct to attend their wedding. I posted her a message on Facebook as seen above. Yes, that's true, I just could not believe how time flies so quickly. It really felt like it was yesterday that we made crazy doodling on hotel notes about our dream wedding.

I still remember it so much, that time we were at our hotel in Seattle. It was back in 2002 (which is around 10 years ago). We love penguins so much because Jeremy Mhire (member of Plus One band) loves penguin. Something's about penguin is that I remember that we wrote about how we wanted to have penguin bridesmaid or something. Haha. And then we said how we wanted to ride on white horse carriage.  Haha.. Oh how I wish I keep those doodle notes with me. Its so weird to think about it now because maybe as I am thinking about it like now now, she might be walking down the aisle to marry the love of her life. 

So yeah, this blog post is dedicated fully dear my Cece Tephy and Ka Riza. If I continue flashing back to the old times and write about crazy things I did with Cece, I might need days to write it, since it's gonna be so super long. 

Best wishes always for you both... and I'll see you in Nov on your second Wedding Celebration!!! *Can't wait* 



*image credit to pinterest

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Design: "Lets Get Punk" Music Event

I was helping my classmate Derick to design an event flyer. Haha. What do you think?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beauty 'Magic Wand' Sets!

I have been so much into make up stuff lately. I can browse through Sephora, Ulta and other cosmetics online store for hours! The thing is, I never really had any make up lesson before! I'm actually thinking of taking one soon. Anyways, most of the make up techniques that I apply are based on what my mom and aunties taught me or via Youtube! My favorite youtube Make Up tutorial is the pixiwoos sisters. You should check them out on youtube and website! They are really awesome make up artists. My mom has 4 sisters. They all, included my mom, loves make up. So they taught me since I was very young. I still remember, back in days, when we were like preparing to go out for a family dinner or something, I always went to my aunties' room and see how they did their make up. Even until now, actually! every time I am around my aunties, I love to see them doing their make up. I used to get all of my make up stuff from my aunties and mom when I was still in middle school. Later... there was a time in high school, when I had sweet 17 parties almost every weekend. Those days, I just went to my mom's closet and took my mom make up stuff and brought it to my room! Hahaha. I still remember that so much. I kinda miss those times though.. yes.. sneaked in to your mother's closet and illegally 'borrowed' her stuff. Oh and even back then... when I was still around 5 years old, I used to play make up stuff with mommy. When she slept, I just took all of her make up stuff and applied it to her face. I miss that moments too. Well, since now I'm living on my own, I got my own make up stuff. Anyways.. thats the story of me and make up. Today I just feel like I want to share about my favorite beauty brushes set. I just got my Real Techniques brushes and I love it so much!! The pixiwoos sisters are actually the owner of the Real Techniques brushes. I personally think they make really good products. Oh yea, so as I just got that a while ago, I just think that getting a good applicator for your make up is one of the major factor to get a good make up result. So here's my favorite sets: 

1. SEPHORA + Pantone Universe- Strokes of Nature Brush Set $38.00 //shop here
2. Real Technqiues- Core Collection $17.99 //shop here
3. SEPHORA Collection- Argentine Artistry Brush Roll $49.00 //shop here
4. Real Technqiues- Starter Kit $17.99 //shop here
5. Sonya Kashuk- Brush Set 'Breast Cancer Campaign' $14.99 //shop here



Thursday, June 7, 2012

iLove Board: Peachy Pink

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately. I love seeing those cute photos that people pin and it inspires me a lot (follow me, yay!) Yesterday, I was browsing for flower arrangements on Pinterest and I got this very cute photos of a hand bouquet. The hand bouquet is originally from Martha Steward living. It's so pretty with all the colors and the white ribbon to tie it all together. Since it's been a while that I haven't do my iLove Board, so I decided to do this week's iLove board with a Peach Pink theme. I also changed the theme of my blog. I used to be a Neon girl for sometime, but I guess now I'm switching to Pastel Girl! Hahaha. Yes, I changed my blog theme to this peach pink color. It's my current favorite color. So here's the 5 Peach Pink items that I love.... 

1. Matthew Williamson Dress //shop here
2. YSL Rouge Pure Shine
3. Tweerzerman: Fashion Color Stan Tweezer //shop here
4. Stila Convertible Color in Gerb //shop here
5. ESSIE 'Pinking up the pieces' //shop here

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beauty Bar

When I was still in Indonesia, going to hair salon is one of my weekend routines. I used to go there almost every Saturday with my girl-friends (Othe! Caca! Artricia! and others!) My kind-of Saturday used to be like: Woke up at 11 AM, Math Lesson at Ci Yennie's for hours, Hair Salon while eating Noodle (Bakmie!) and drinking sweet tea (Teh Botol!), and then off to Plaza Indonesia or whatever Mall in Jakarta. Hmm, I miss that kind of Saturdays I used to have since I was...hmm.. Middle school? I just love getting my hair done at the Hair Salon because its simply makes me happier.

During my Year 10, I got into an Extended Math Class.... somehow. One time, I had a math test and worked really hard for it. I studied for hours at my tutor's place and I was hoping to pass the test. Unfortunately, I failed the test. I got a bad grade and I was so pissed about it because I worked hard on it already but I still didn't pass. So after I got my test grade, I called my Mom and cried. I still remember, that time I was really mad, pissed and very sad. On the way home, I cried real bad to my driver (yes.. Pak Aripin) and told him about what happened. He drove me to the Hair Salon. So yes, I spent the evening after school at the Salon... getting my hair done.. while tearing out real bad to the Salon lady who did my hair. But after I'm done with hair, I started to stop crying and went home. 

Moreover, the most important time to get my hair done at the hair salon is actually one day before Exam. I most of the time got my hair done the night before taking Exam because it makes me happy and makes my heart chill a bit while taking exam. Hahaha. During my IB Finals, I went to Hair Salon a day before my English finals and I met my English teacher at the Salon! Wow. I still remember, as I entered the exam room... she said "You should get a good score because you have a pretty hair already!" Lol. 

Anyways, yes.. So I think Hair Salon is essential to me. Well, not only Hair Salon, but I found Beauty Salons are important for me and I bet 100% that a lot of ladies out there agree for what I said. 

Today, I want to share 2 very pretty concept of Beauty Salons that I have never seen before. I just knew about it today, its called "Blushington" and "Dry Bar". Their headquarter is located in California, U.S. 
I like their concept very much because it's very unique, especially to me as a newbie U.S Residents. Nowadays, in Indonesia they are pretty much up to the trends of going to Nail Spa Salon, where they can manicure/pedicure.. or a Brow/ Waxing Salon. But these two are different, check these out: 


BLUSHINGTON is a L.A's Beauty Lounge. Their offer a Make up application service. The concept of the lounge is to get people in and out quickly to get their Make up done. It's like a Go-To place whenever you feel you need a make up! Isn't it interesting? Their price is very affordable too. They have different type of services from simple make up, photo ready make up to even make up for the little ones. 

When I walk at the mall or someplace, I often felt like oh I need a Make Up 911. You know.. when you feel like you need to do a Make up touch up, Lol. Or for those Make-Up Disaster such as when my eyelashes got into my eyes and soft lenses and ruined my make up. Or during those time when I just don't feel like doing my own make up and I need an affordable make up artist for a hang out day. I think if this Beauty Lounge is open in Jakarta's Mall (especially), it will attract many women as we are encountering our daily-make-up disaster. 


2. DRY BAR is also a Beauty Lounge/Bar that has its Headquarter in California. However, now, they are located in different location is the States. One of L'A Dry Bar is actually located near Blushington! Yes, perfect match. Dry Bar has a concept of a hair salon but only offer blow dry services. It's really a Go-To place when you feel like you are having a bad hair day. I love their concept and they are offering an affordable price too. Well, I'm talking for the price of blow dry in the U.S. Here, it's very expensive to get your hair done, not like in Indonesia. Anyways. yes. I love their concept. Very much a Go-To Beauty Salon for those ladies out there who are in rush and need to get their hair done quickly. I wish they open one branch in Orlando anytime soon! Haha.