Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beauty 'Magic Wand' Sets!

I have been so much into make up stuff lately. I can browse through Sephora, Ulta and other cosmetics online store for hours! The thing is, I never really had any make up lesson before! I'm actually thinking of taking one soon. Anyways, most of the make up techniques that I apply are based on what my mom and aunties taught me or via Youtube! My favorite youtube Make Up tutorial is the pixiwoos sisters. You should check them out on youtube and website! They are really awesome make up artists. My mom has 4 sisters. They all, included my mom, loves make up. So they taught me since I was very young. I still remember, back in days, when we were like preparing to go out for a family dinner or something, I always went to my aunties' room and see how they did their make up. Even until now, actually! every time I am around my aunties, I love to see them doing their make up. I used to get all of my make up stuff from my aunties and mom when I was still in middle school. Later... there was a time in high school, when I had sweet 17 parties almost every weekend. Those days, I just went to my mom's closet and took my mom make up stuff and brought it to my room! Hahaha. I still remember that so much. I kinda miss those times though.. yes.. sneaked in to your mother's closet and illegally 'borrowed' her stuff. Oh and even back then... when I was still around 5 years old, I used to play make up stuff with mommy. When she slept, I just took all of her make up stuff and applied it to her face. I miss that moments too. Well, since now I'm living on my own, I got my own make up stuff. Anyways.. thats the story of me and make up. Today I just feel like I want to share about my favorite beauty brushes set. I just got my Real Techniques brushes and I love it so much!! The pixiwoos sisters are actually the owner of the Real Techniques brushes. I personally think they make really good products. Oh yea, so as I just got that a while ago, I just think that getting a good applicator for your make up is one of the major factor to get a good make up result. So here's my favorite sets: 

1. SEPHORA + Pantone Universe- Strokes of Nature Brush Set $38.00 //shop here
2. Real Technqiues- Core Collection $17.99 //shop here
3. SEPHORA Collection- Argentine Artistry Brush Roll $49.00 //shop here
4. Real Technqiues- Starter Kit $17.99 //shop here
5. Sonya Kashuk- Brush Set 'Breast Cancer Campaign' $14.99 //shop here



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