Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swimmies Faves from Net-a-Porter Sale!

I love Summer. Why? 
(first) because I live in Florida, which is just a few minutes away from the nearest beach.
(second) because I love going to beach! (Oh, I miss Bali!) 
(third) because it's the perfect weather to chill by the pool and my apartment got the best pool ever.  There are 2 swimming pool with a breathtaking lake view, a mini beach + volleyball court and a BBQ Patio. Uh-yeah how's that? 
(fourt) because of... SUMMER SALE!!! I can shop, lol. 

Anyways! one of my favorite thing to do when I'm super bored at lecture is to browse through online stores. And yes, just like everybody else I think, Net-a-Porter is one of my faves. Well, since their products are mostly pricey... I just can't wait until they are having Sale, like now!! Lately, I have been looking different style of Bikinis (since, I am going to Miami in one month for Summer Break, yiha!). As I browse through Net-a-Porter's Sale Section, I saw cute swimmies! So here's my top 5 picks for Swimmies that I found from Net-a-Porter's Sale. 

1. Herve Leger Cutout Bandage Bikini, shop here
I love Bandage skirt or dresses. and I just knew that they have Bandage Bikini!!! Awesome.

2. We Are Hansome The Anchorage Halter-neck Bikini, shop here
First, I like the prints because it gives you a 'Beach-y' atmosphere with the blue-white color for the top. Second, I just love halter-neck type of Bikini.

3. Mara Hoffman Printed Triangle Bikini, shop here
For those who know me well, they  know that I love electric colors like the prints on Hoffman's bikini! Style is standard but I (heart) the prints!

4. YSL Bow front Bandeu Swim suit, shop here
I love the front side of it with the bow and the red bow on the top that gives accent to the swim suit. Although it's one piece swim suit, it still have a really nice lookin' style.

5. Michael Kors Color Block Bikini 
This is another standard triangle bikini style that I love because of the colors. Pink+Black, I think its a superb combination of colors!

So, which one do you like? Or check out their site at for more swimmies! and pick your fave!  :)



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