Saturday, May 5, 2012

Posh your Omelets!

View from my Aunt's Kitchen

My trip to California wasn't about the culinary trip to local restaurants there. One of the most exciting part of San Francisco, in particularly, was because I stayed at my Aunty's place and she cooks delicious food. She loves to cook and one of the other best part is because she often cooks something that I have never tasted before. Today I am going to blog about my Aunty's Fritata! It's basically omelets, but with style. It's not just an ordinary eggs/omelets, but what I meant by with style is with toppings! I think you can put anything you like, but last time, my aunt put: Bacon, Cheese, Mushrooms, and some kind of Veggie. The steps are basically almost the same as making an ordinary omelets. Just use a pan like making usual omelets. But, after its 'sorta' cooked, then you put it in the oven and baked it for a few mins. Yes. Well, for this one, I once ate it before when I visited her last January in Palm Dessert. It was really good so she made it again for me and the rest of the family. On my last day, before leaving San Francisco, I had Fritata again. I love Fritata! I love saying the word too.. Fri Ta Ta.. Fri-Ta-Ta. Well, I love eggs and omelets. Since I'm a big fan of RICE, so I eat it with rice aka Nasi Telor (in Indonesian). But, you know... sometimes, even though it's your fave food... don't you just feel bored after years consuming plain Nasi Telor with Kecap all the time? So, I guess this is the new way to fall in love with Nasi Telor all over again. Posh your omelets!  Here's I'm gonna share you some of the pictures that I took when she cooked at her kitchen. Enjoy & try making it :)



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