Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion + Kate Moss + Paris + +

I love the photo-shoot pages in magazines, especially fashion magazine. Sometimes, I cut those pages and make a collage out of it. I just love to see how the collaboration between photographer, model, stylist, make-up artist and the setting itself can create an awesome piece of art. 

In this blog post, I want to share with you the photo-shoot artwork from, the well-know fashion magazine, VOGUE. According to VOGUE's website, it is from this coming April 2012 edition, featuring Kate Moss as the model. The setting of the photo-shoot is in Ritz Carlton, Paris and it was taken by photographer: Tim Walker. 

The reason why I post this because : 
first: I think its an outstanding piece looking from the photography & artistic aspect. 
second: Every photos has their own stories which tells about the rich fashion culture in Paris in relation with the model herself. Which I think its cool. 

*For more written stories of each pieces click here.

So, Enjoy! *eyesgasm*



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