Tuesday, March 13, 2012


If you ever ask me.... If you can buy anything (fashion-wise) now, what would you buy? 

The answer would be the 4 items above:

1. Celine Luggage Bag 
2. Hermes Colliar Bracelet
3. Chanel Classic Flats
4. YSL Black Tribute heels

Which I also called my "B-List". B stands for Bachelor. I really really really want to have those thing now, I kept on telling my mom. But I know I don't need it yet. I'm still a college girl at an Art university. People would stare at me if I go to school dressing like Victoria Beckam. So perhaps I should wait. For the meantime, I made that "B-List" instead. The list basically means that its a list of items that I'm can buy soon after I get my bachelor degree. When I ready to enter the real world, then it's the time to own them (I wish for all, but one of them would be good enough). 

In fact, this B List is more than just my wish or shopping list. I say to myself that I will not buy it before getting my bachelor degree. WHICH encourage me more to study harder and get my bachelor degree asap! Because the sooner I graduate, the sooner I'll get one of them or all of them. Whee! In the meantime, I save money too... So after I attend my graduation at Full Sail Live, I can go straight to Mall of Millennia in downtown to get one of the B-List. Then later as I live the life, I wish I can own all of 'em. 

So what about you? What's your B-List? 



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