Monday, January 2, 2012

18 to 19

I'm currently on my bed at home... in Jakarta. 3 more hours until I hit 19. The best part of my birthday is that it's just 2 days away from New year. Which means, it makes me easier to write my new year resolution, as listing all of my goals and dream, as well as reflecting what I had. Told you, I'm a dreamer, right?

As I grow older, I learned more things about life and discover more things in life... through the moments and the people that happened as a part of me. 18 to 19.. Hmm, If I bring myself back... think back to Jan 3, 2011- Hmm.. I can conclude: Everything the same for what I do, but different in how I feel. 
Likewise, last year about the same time, I am also writing like now. I'm writing a new post in blog now, last year I wrote a new diary entry. But talking about feeling? Last year, I was just a broken-hearted ordinary girl who had been in a great depression of love and the IB-hell (school)... yet is a dreamer and still optimistic about reaching my dream. That's the one thing I've kept in all my life; my dreams. 

Remembering how broken hearted I was last year and how I felt like always wanted to jump from my balcony... That sure makes me appreciate this time at the moment because I'm glad that as I write this post, I'm not that person anymore. I'm fully loved by the person I truly love. And that's happiness. Although I'm sure of how things will go in the future, but at the moment, I'm happy and thankful. 

18 to 19...

I say that it's the most wonderful and memorable year that ever happened to me.. in my life. 
Why? Because, I felt that God opened so many ways to the things that I thought impossible to happen. He opened ways to things that I thought could just live in my dream. So many things happened in my life that's sort of magical. All the time that I lived with my dreams, He made it happened. 

From getting into Java Jazz, then met a lot of new people, then I discovered my passion, then switching from going to Australia to America, then He opened ways as I first stepped my foot on the Land of America, everything.... Those are my dreams! Or not.. I should say now it was my dream but now it's part of ME! He opened such beautiful ways in my life, making everything possible.. Surely I know that He made all that happened for me. 

Those listed things weren't just whatever-dream, it's my real dream that I had dreamt of since I was small. 

and I'm thankful for everything... EVERYTHING. 



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