Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Current Obsession: Jeremiah's Ice Cream


Vanilla Ice cream with Chocolate Gelatis <3

This is totally my current food obsession. It's the Jeremiah's Ice cream. It seems that they have it everywhere around the corner here in Orlando. Their ice cream counter is always busy with people lining up and waiting to be served with this real good ice cream. That's why they have the drive thru service too. 
They have a lot choices of flavor, my favorite one is the Vanilla Ice cream with Chocolate Gelatis. I found it hard to find a dessert that is not too sweet-creamy. I like fro-yo but its quiet not "there" yet, you know.. Ice cream is good but its just too creamy sometimes.. I think this ice cream is just perfect combination, especially the Gelatis twist. The chocolate gelatis really gives a real chocolate taste (not creamy), but the soft ice cream makes it balance with the vanilla creamy taste. So, both flavors makes a perfect ice cream twist. 

I really recommend this ice cream whenever you are around the town. They only have it around Orlando, FL area... You can check it out in their website for more info:

Me & my friend, Susie! 

Sneak peak of the Menu




Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Radio City's Christmas Spectacular 2011"

We passed Thanksgiving with a thankful heart... and guess what? Christmas is just around the corner.  

I had a chance to watch Radio City's Christmas Spectacular last week, when I was in New York. It's a fantastic performance featuring the Rockettes dancer. They are a group of ballet and tap dancers, I guess. What is unusual about the dance is that usually ballet dancers come only 5 of them, but this one there are 30 or more dancers. As it is the same as the name, the performance is really spectacular. I recommend you to watch this performance. They only have it annually every November until early January. 

Mom always takes me to see performances. Either to see Disney performances, or Ballet performance, or Concert performance, or Christmas Carols performances... I think this Radio City's Spectacular is the best ever. So, it's really on the top of misstahir's holiday must-see list. 

The best thing about the performance is that it covers everything essential about Christmas and about New York. Whether it is the America's Christmas tradition, the Santa Claus story and even to the biblical aspect. I really like how the director and writer of this performance put it all into one package. Well, don't start to talk about the staging and lighting design... it's beyond cool. They have the 3D background with real human in it! One of the scene, we had to wear 3D glasses too! I honestly think this is such a perfect performance that I have ever seen. I got several photos from the performance. 
Enjoy Xx,


Portraying Times Square in 3D

Looks very realistic, as if I am in Times Square

Santa Claus dancing.. They used the digital visual effect later to give a multiple Santa Claus (like hundreds of them) dancing.

The very beautiful bible Christmas scene... With real camel. The best thing is the detail costume.

That's me in front of a beautiful chandelier at Radio City Hall.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Flashback: Bali Trip (June 2011)


This is unusual, but I am really writing 2 posts in one night. I am so excited for my upcoming Bali trip in December when I go back home for Christmas to my beloved country, Indonesia. The excitement reminds me to some photographs that I took during my last Bali trip. For me, Bali is everything. It's about the food, the fashion (shopping), the beaches, the relaxation (Smart Massage in Kuta is the best) and about nightlife too... You just can't get enough. At least, I cant! I wrote about it in my previous post (long-long-ago-last-summer) and I haven't share my photos yet. So, in this post, I am going to share my photos. Seriously, it makes me want to go back quickly!



Dita, Claudia, Me, and Raissa... at Kudeta during Sunset :) 

Last night at Potato Head Beach Club. They serve the best dessert! 

I called this "Flamingo" Seats. It's too cute. Neon + Sun = <3

Dinner at Bubba Gum, Kuta. GOOD FOOD. 

Shopping at Seminyak. That's Jordan & Raissa. They have pretty summer dresses. The stores all along Seminyak are small-cute-boutique-type. If you're lucky, you'll get cool clothes with good price.

Amanda & Kevin at Kudeta. 

At Kudeta during Sunset. There were so many people. Good view, indeed. 

Spent the afternoon at Karma Kandara with the girls. It's a bit far from the city. But it has gorgeous view. It's a bit pricey too though.. but hey! the beach and the view are priceless!

Dita & Claudia at Ubud Market. 

Friends at Kudeta while waiting for Sunset.

Photo by: Jane M Tahir (Me)
Where: Bali
When: June 2011

Teen Vogue's Event: Marc Jacob's Party at Bergdorf Goodman 5F

Me, @melissastefany and @gsarwana

With Teen Vogue's beauty editor

With Teen Vogue's editor, Mary Kate

Aaaa I'm so happy. This is like the "IT-Picture" with Teen Vogue's editor in chief and their fashion editor. <3

I was so happy when I met all of the Teen Vogue's editors. I used to have a dream of being an Editor in Chief of a fashion magazine. I used to talk a lot with my spiral ladies about establishing a fashion magazine in Jakarta. When I was in 8th grade, I had a short hair cut so I can look like Anna Wintour. I wore my black opaque Fendi sunglasses to follow her style. Until now, still I read fashion magazines daily or search it in the internet through blogs.

Being able to meet Teen Vogue's editors are beyond my dream. I dream a lot, but this is totally beyond it all because when I went to NY, I didn't have a clue that they were having a free party like that at Bergdorf. So everything happened so random and just so spontaneous.

After the event, I had a little talk with my best friend, Melissa. She is my best friend since elementary school and we used to share our interest in being fashion magazine editor together. We made a few things for school in our journalistic class too. Tapping on our heels with our fur-faux coat, handling our purse and an edition of magazine replica, was my dream back then.... I watched Devil Wears Prada all the time and putting myself in the scene. Anyways, we were sort of flashing about about memories and about our past dreams. Yes, our dream of making a fashion magazine! After that event, we realized that, we still have a small part of that big dream in our heart.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011



From my last trip, I learned that New York City is not just about the shopping, nor the fashion. Part of me, New York is about the food. I love the food there, especially the dessert :) So yummy, I wish I can bring it all back to Orlando, or Jakarta. 
So, here's 5 of my favorite NYC's food/ place to eat:

1. Shake Shack (

The Shake Shack Burger! Yummmmmm :D 
Their Menu.. They have more than just burger and fries. 
All this time, when I think about my favorite burger, I would say "In & Out Burger". But, not until I ate this legendary burger that is located in the heart of NYC. Shake Shack is not a big fancy restaurant, but it's a small stall that sell good american food. I like their "Shake Shack" Burger. I think its their signature menu. I went to the one in Madison Square Park. It's really located in the middle of the park. They have in some other location too all around NYC. But I think the one that is located in Madison Square Park is the best. The feeling of eating under the beautiful trees while looking at fat little squirrel, it's priceless, for me. It's really movie-like. Aha! Talking about "movie-like" feeling, Shack Shake has been featured in many box office movies. Do you know a scene in "Something Borrowed" when Rachel was having lunch with Ethan? Yup, That's Shake Shack! And also in Tower Heist, that I just watched last night, they have Shake Shack featured in that. Knowing that a lot of movies featured Shake Shack, no wonder, there are long lines every time. When I went there, there was already long line although it is just opened. So, if you are really hungry and want to eat quickly, you should come here a bit early :)
I also tried their Cheese French Fries. It's really good! I like it... And as for drinks, I tried their Arnold Palmer. It's a lemonade with Ice tea. Loves it because it's not too sour as lemonade.

2. Halal

Might have an EWW look, but its so good! 
There are so many Halal food stall all around NYC. But, you should taste the real "Halal" that is located in the corner of Avenues of America, in front of Hilton Hotel. It's so delicious and cheap. They open only at night. It's, again, not a fancy restaurant, but its a food stall in the middle of the street. They serve food like chicken & beef with rice. I think it's a middle-east kind of food. But it tastes so good! So many people likes this so when you plan to try it, you better come early. The best thing about this is because its cheap, its delicious, and it comes with a large portion. So, who doesn't want it? =p

3. Laduree (

Look at the long line! The store wasn't open yet. (Pic from @melissastefany)
Laduree is a legendary cafe that sells macaroon. Nowadays, Macaroon is the "IT-Thing" everywhere, especially in New York City. Laduree just opened their cafe in the Upper East Side of New York City a few months ago. They are originally from Paris, France. They have it a lot in Europe, but their first branch in the U.S is in NYC. It was Sunday when I came to buy some of Laduree Macaroons. The store opened at 12 noon. I went there early, I knew that the line is going to be long. Yes, just like what I have thought, it was still 11.30 AM, but people were waiting already in front of the store. But! After I had my first bite on its macaroon, I know that it was a worth waiting for. The macaroon tastes so good! I like the chocolate, raspberry, and the orange-whatever- *i forgot the name* flavor!

4. Magnolia's Bakery (

This is my favorite bakery ever. I usually just have their cake or cupcakes. This time, I had the banana pudding. It's so good! My friend, @melissastefany was the one who recommended it for me. You should try it! It's like a mixture of sweet cream with vanilla bread and banana... I wish I have it now! Yumm...
Magnolia has several branch all around NYC. I went twice.. Once, in the one in Bloomingdales Lexington Avenue.. and Once in Grand Central Dining Concourse. A few months ago, when I went to NYC, I went to the one in Rockefeller Centre. I think that location is still the best. The other is a bit smaller than the one in Rockefeller. So, if you are a newbie, I recommend you to go to the one in Rockefeller.

5. Baked by Melissa (

Me and my friend @melissastefany, randomly went to this bakery because my friend's name is Melissa. We were just strolling around the street that day. Their store is cute. It's small store located near Grand Central Station. They sell cute little mini cupcakes. A bite size. We gave a try, plus, it wasn't so expensive after all. We tried the "Tie Dye", "Red Velvet", and "Cookies and Cream". The best of all, is the "Tie Dye". The little colorful mini cupcakes, tastes really good! Sweeeeet :)
I think this can be the next "IT-Thing" after cupcakes and macaroons. They can ship their product nationwide too! (in USA). So, why wait? :D



Sunday, November 20, 2011


In front of The Plaza & Central Park

I just got home from my New York weekend getaway. I had the best fall season experience, since that was my first time =p I love how the city is covered with left-over orange trees. Winter is coming really soon. I still got to see a little bit of it though. The photo above was taken in Madison Square Park. The orange-ish tree color is sooo pretty <3.

I think the NY trip that I had is the best I have so far. First, I went there with my best friend, Melissa. Secondly, I got to meet my mama craze, Glenys! She is studying in FIT in New York and so we spent Saturday night together. It was great to be able to spend a day with my favorite people. I also got to meet Tatiana and she introduced me to some of her friends. She is studying in NYU. I had great company during the weekend at one of my favorite city.

with my dearest @melissastefanny & @gsarwana. Sat-Night dinner at TGIF Times Square.
Good Baby Back Ribs! and Chicken Wings! and Nice waiter =p
Asked a random guy to take a picture of us at (one of my) favorite spot in NYC!
It's in front of the Apple Store 5th Ave. Yups, really nice place to chill. 
That's in Near Madison Square Park.
I forgot what's the name of the building but it's a unique building.
The building looks very thin.
We took a picture in front of a very cute artwork. An Installment made out of glass. 

At The Rockefeller Center. They have the Ice Skating Rink.
Pretty <3 

We do <3 NYC. Yes, we do! 

To write about my NY trip is actually really hard. There are so many things to tell, I don't know which one is the most important thing to write here. I don't know which one should I write first. Basically, everything that I did during my trip is not just fun but very memorable indeed. I had the best food in town, shopped some good stuff, and got to go to TEEN VOGUE's MARC JACOBS PARTY. That's the highlight of the second day of my New York Trip. The highlight of my first day was seeing The Radio City Christmas Spectacular show! I am wonderfully amazed by the show.

So i'll be writing more post about some goodies that I found in NYC!



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Ada yang bilang..."


Aku takjub dengan banyaknya manusia yang hebat mengarang cerita. Tapi mereka tidak mempergunakannya untuk menjadi seorang pengarang buku atau pengarang sajak. "Orang lain" adalah topik kesukaan mereka. Nggak ada kata lelah bagi mereka untuk bergossip tentang orang lain. Contoh nya adalah tentang cerita yang baru saja saya dengar dengan kuping saya sendiri. Beberapa menit yang lalu, baru saja selesai skype sama seseorang di Jakarta. Lalu dia cerita bagaimana ada orang yang ngomongin keluarga ku bilang... "Enak yah jadi keluarga gembala...." Itu adalah awal dari kalimat pernyataan mereka saja. Klimaks dari perkataan tersebut pun ada di bagian kelanjutan dari kalimat pernyataan tersebut yang adalah "....bisa pakai uang gereja". 

Satu kata, Wow. ( Ngga jelas itu termasuk kata apa enggak, yang jelas... Wow)

Wow sambil miris mendengarnya. Kok ada yah yang berani mengungkapkan pernyataan seperti itu! Menurutku itu jahat banget, banget, banget!

Aku bingung. Atas dasar apa seseorang itu bisa bilang seperti itu. Hmmm... Lalu itu membuat aku jadi berpikir:

Mungkin, orang itu bisa mengatakan demikian atas dasar apa yang mereka lihat saja. Seperti... Enak kali ya jadi seorang keluarga gembala... Nggak usah terburu-buru kegereja.. Dapet tempat duduk selalu paling depan.. Biar telat masih aja disalamin banyak orang.. Selesai kebaktian sering dikasih makanan... 

Atau... Apa sih yang sebenernya mereka pikirkan sehingga bisa kasih statement sekejam itu!

Bener-bener hal ini tuh bikin aku bingung berlipat kali ganda sekaligus berulang kali bertanya-tanya dan memikirkan atas dasar apa sebenarnya mereka bisa bilang kayak begitu.

Menurut aku biasa-biasa aja jadi part of keluarga gembala -___-"
Malahan kadang2 banyak engga enak nya gitu.
Apa menurut kamu itu enak kalo... Tweet yang aku tweet di twitter di aduin dan di kritik, malem minggu di club dikit diomongin, ngomong "anjrit" dikit dikomentarin... Bahkan buat Blog aja dijadiin bahasan!
Coba sekarang pikir.. Enak? Hah ENAK!? -___-" *elus2 dada*

Makannya pas denger kabar kayak gitu tuh, seketika aku kayak "HEHH?"

Oh iya, itu baru bahasan awal dari pernyataan itu lho. Bagian akhirnya juga belum dibahas. Tapi kalo dibahas bisa jadi panjang banget.. Bukan panjang post nya aja, tapi pasti nanti juga banyak yang cing cong di belakang *grr see, emang enak!* Yang jelas, siapa pun kamu yang bilang keluarga ku pake uang gereja... Boleh deh di cek sendiri deh.

Hint: Mungkin bisa diawalin dari hal terkecil... panggung.. tuh liat panggung di salah satu ruangan.. coba di cek itu pake uang sapa.. Lalu bisa liat inventory gereja anak nya.. Nah juga boleh diliat pake uang siapa... 

Kayak gitu kok dibilang pake uang gereja!!!

Eh... kepikiran aja.. Atau jangan2 mereka bisa bilang gitu karena aku bisa jalan2 ke New York, sekolah di US, pake sepatu Loboutin, sama selalu didampingi supir paling oenyuku (pak aripin, hihi) ?

Wah kalau yang itu sampe iya sih.... Gini, Mungkin kamu udah kenal papa ku, tapi coba deh kenalan lagi.. sekaligus kenalan sama jam kerja papaku yang never ending work Senin sampai kadang2 Minggu.

Nah, jadi sekarang lebih jelas kan sumber nya dari mana?

Oh iya satu kata lagi... Manusia itu punya mulut tapi juga kuping. Jadi apa yang kamu omongin tentang orang lain, pasti akhirnya kedengeran juga dikuping orang tersebut.


-Sebel Tapi Tetep Senyum-