Friday, May 6, 2011

Incognito 2011

After Java Jazz Festival, I started to meet a lot of different person in the entertainment industry, one of them is Mba Femmy. She is the right hand of the owner of Shark company (communication company). She asked me to join the incognito concert back when we first met in Java Jazz. So, I did. I sent her my CV and got called by her office 2 days before the concert. I was first thought I did not get in because they did not contact me at the very end. But, yeah, they did at last. 

So, in the middle of my exam month (crazy, can you believe that?) I involved in the Incognito's concert. I came to the briefing H-1 know nothing but to just depend on Mba Femmy herself. Well, my co-workers are people from Java Jazz so i practically know some of them in the end. Somehow, somewhat, I don't know why, Mba Femmy trusted me to take control of the backstage area. I was the stage manager assistant! It was my very first time to get a all access ID in an event. I feel very grateful, thanks to God! 

It was such an amazing experience. I got to meet a lot of people. I'm like the youngest girl to be around those event organizer expert! and I got the all access! goshh, how thankful I am to God for giving me such opportunities! I really feel that it was one of the most tiring day in my life, yet the most fun day I ever had as well! I did the job that I like, I met people that are so funny and makes me cannot stop laughing. Such the best day. 

You see here? You just can't stop dreaming, people! There's no limit for a person to dream on! Just hours before the event started, I stood in the middle of istora while people are doing the sound check and preparation. I started to think back.... 10 years ago, my mother brought me there. I was just following my mother till late night to one of her events. Since I was a little girl, I already stayed up in Istora just simply watching what my mom did. But now... I'm really doing it as my job! The job that I've been dreaming of since small. Thought that I would never reach it but in fact... I had ittttt! and it was funn and i love ittttt. 

Dreams do come true. God will open ways to it.. just wait & see how he works in your life and makes you amazed of how he make your dreams true. Don't stop believing peopleee! and pray for it! I feel like God is really opening way for me so far. Besides of opening the way, he also helps me to really discover what I like and what I'm passionate about in life. 

I am thankful, grateful.