Sunday, January 5, 2014


When I turned 14, I wanted to have 17 candles on my cake. When I had my sweet 17, I wanted to have the freedom of a 21 years old. And then I turned 21. They said its the last birthday year that you would probably looking forward to because the rest is just going to be the same candles and cake rituals. 

20- I've lost and I've gained. I've lost one thing that for the longest time (I thought) really matter in my life. But I've gained the one thing I am passionate and had been dreaming of doing. 

20- I've learned that life is a mystery and that time is the only way to unfold the stories. 

20- I've witnessed that 'Dreams do come true' is not just a Disney quote. However, it comes with sacrifice, persistence and hard work. 

20- I've met and learned different types of people in this world. One that is truly inspiring. One that is truly kind. And One that is truly not worth my time. 

20- I've learned that the word 'unlove' should not be underlined red when I type it on my computer because some people act on it. For me, I don't think that you can 'unlove' somebody. You can dislike or go separate way. You can change your mind not wanting to have them for the rest of your life... but you can't unlove them. Thus, keep your attitude right toward them and be nice. 

20- I've discovered so much possibilities in this world that can make you happy. So be happy.

20- I've watched this on-going movie called life. The funny (or ironic) part is.... Okay I am going to put it this way: sometimes you watch a love story over and over again with a changing cast. And everytime it always gets you but you can always tell where the plot goes because you were one of the cast, once.

20- I've learned that when it comes to the heart, its really hard to make a decision, even the most logical one.

20- I've learned that it does not matter what you do in life, good or bad things, people will talk about you. And since you can't control their mind, so I'll say take any chance and just go with it.

20- I've learned to appreciate these things; the people who always believe in you & the beauty of life. 

I tried to list all of the things I have learned or experienced at 20, but it takes a while. I still have a lot to be listed down, but hmm I'll stop ranting. What I wanna say is that hey! I am (in fact) only half of some of my friends' age... and when I blew the 21 candles on my cake... it gave me goosebumps of stepping to the coming years... and to unfold the rest of the mystery of life. 

Thank you Jesus for an amazing 21 years old. Let's begin another adventure, shall we?



Thursday, October 17, 2013

the fault in our stars


Watch my dearest sister's song that she wrote inspired by John Green's The Fault In Our Stars. Enjoy!

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Thanks :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

let me tell you that I'v got an atlas in my hands... and exciting news!

Hello there!

Check out the latest video cover from my sister, Sarah Jo (that's her stage name, lol)! If you love it, LIKE the video please and subscribe to her channel. I am so proud of my sister. She is just 16, and she can sing + play guitar at the same time... Plus, she is a songwriter. Some of you might already know, or not.. But my sister, Sarah, has been writing her own songs since she was 13/14 years old. You can check 'em out on her soundcloud account (here). I actually never have heard this song before I watched her cover video yesterday.. and now I just love this song by Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Anyways... It's mid October already!!!! I love this month.. well, besides welcoming the fall-breezy weather.. it's also an exciting month for both me and sister because Sarah will release her 1st single at the end of this month!!!! Whoopie. Mark your calendar: OCTOBER 26th, 2013! Yeaaaaap. Finally. And.. of course that's also will be the day when Sarah is gonna turn 17 years old.. *hooray*. So, yes, both of us are very excited for this.

About the song...
Hmm, it's really hard to describe it... The song is produced by Ronald Steven (check him out at @rsteven) and there are numbers of Indonesian best in music that are involved in the making of this record. Sarah wrote the lyrics and composed the music herself during her off college days in Seattle. She once performed this song at her first gig last June at a Cafe in Orlando,FL... and got positive response from people! The song is fun, catchy and its about.... love! <3

Yaaay! So xcited. Hopefully everything works out well and can't wait to let you listen to Sarah Jo's 1st single... soon!

Oh.. one more thing! Just wanna say Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha for those who celebrate!



Sunday, October 13, 2013

a whole new world

Hi there!

I have been blessed. So, so blessed lately. Ever since I worked as an Intern at Voice of America- Indonesia Service, I have been given a lot of hands on opportunity to really work in the TV production industry... which is a whole new world for me but I have been enjoying all of the learning process so much. I learned from reporting a story, writing a script, being a host on cam, putting on decent make up, dress up, until the post-production process of editing the story using final cut. I should say that so far.. its the kind of challenge and stress that I enjoy! I'm not trying to be soooo dramatic, but I seriously have no words to describe how happy I felt when I first finished this video package (above) cos I did it from beginning of going to the event itself until sent it off to the TV producer in Indonesia. The package above is for a television program in Indonesia called Neo Planet Remaja that airs on ANTV. The story is about Comic Conference 2013 in Baltimore, MD. Comic Conference is a big thing here in the US. People who love to read/collect comics or watch superhero movies would most likely attend the conference.

Before I end this blog post, I wanna say that I am soooo thankful. Thankful for the opportunity and also for the people at VOA that have been so nice to answer all of my questions and all of the time that were taken to teach me. Special shout out to Mas Naratama, Mba Ningrum, Ribka and all VOA PopNews team. Thank you.

So enjoy the video.. my liputan! yey!



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

city girl, green and fresh air


A few weeks ago, I went for a work trip to Pennsylvania with my colleague. I helped my colleague to do a report regarding the soybean crisis in Indonesia. So, we did quiet a dig and got so many good information about the soybean industry here in the US. It was a nice trip because we spent most of the time off the city, we went to the agricultural sites (a few hours drive from the city), which I could see green and breathe the fresh air. I am a city girl, born and raised in the city. I got to meet soybean farmers and pose with cows! Well moreover, I went to Penn State's soybean research site, and I got to see the technology that farmers here in the US used to farm. Very high-technology compared to what Indonesia has. I was very impressed to see the technology being used and more to the organization of the farm itself. Anyways, here's some snapshots that I took during the trip....

We interviewed someone from the government and I got to go inside and see the beautiful Senate Room at the Harrisburg's Capitol Building. 

Top right: Picture with Professor from Penn State who is doing a research about soybean.